The Center for the Future of Museums wants to ensure all children in the US can make museums part of their personalized learning plan. To this end, AAM established the Ford W. Bell Fellowship to help explore the future of museums and P-12 Education.

With the generous support of these organizations and individuals, we are proud to announce that the Center for the Future of Museums is able do its part to research intractable issues like:

  • The social and digital divide created by increasingly decentralized and specialized options for learning
  • Fear of failure, fostered by the current emphasis on testing, leading to an avoidance of risk-taking in curricula, teaching and organization and schools
  • The growing gap between the training provided by P-12 education and employment opportunities

We invite you to join them. Your contribution will support the Ford W. Bell Fellow as she builds partnerships between P-12 schools and museums, fostering experiments in education innovation, crafting a toolkit of the best practices and contributing research that documents the significant role of museums as sites of learning.

Ford W. Bell Fellowship Donors

Contributors – $1,000 and Greater

The James Ford Bell Foundation Charles L. Katzenmeyer
Kyle Ange Kentucky Historical Society Foundation
Roberta Bartoli and Eike Schmidt David M. and Diane P. Lilly
Ellen Charles Laura & Steve Lott
Kippen de Alba Chu Jack Ludden
Berit Durler W. Duncan & Nivin Macmillan Foundation
Kathy Dwyer Southern Elizabeth Merritt
Mark Edward Brent A. Mundt
David Ellis Howard Taylor
Kaywin Feldman Marshall Turner
Beverly Grossman Bob Ulrich and Diane Sillik
William T. Harris Janet and Jim Vaughan
Joel Hoffman Matthew Welch
George G. Johnson Fund Western Museums Association
Douglas Jones John Wetenhall
Ron Kagan Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Contributors – Less than $1,000

Jennifer S. Adams Amy Lehr Charles Trautmann
Julianne Amendola and Dan Jensen Lotte Lent Catherine Trujillo
Anonymous Jane MacKnight John L. Vanco
Anonymous Roger Mandle Margot Wallace
Argentine Productions Judith Margles Jeanne Watson
Bob Beatty Joanne Marks Kauvar Helen Wechsler
Kevin Bell Tonya Matthews Marilyn Wheaton
Elizabeth Brewer Kathy Maxwell Karen A. Witter
Karen Brosius George McDaniel
Laura Brouse-Long Patricia L. Miller
Mary Case @ QM2 Patricia E. Mooradian
Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko Martha Morris
Barbara Cohen-Stratyner Patricia Murphy
Michael Conforti Bob Ulrich and Diane Sillik
Jill Connors Joyner Susan Near
Molly Demeulenaere Adam L. Nelson
Susan H. Edwards Carl R. Nold and Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Bruce B. Eldredge Laurie Norton Moffatt
D. Stephen Elliott Tey Marianna Nunn
Ellen E. Endslow Claudia M. Oakes
Linda Ewert Jennifer K. Olivarez
Ember Farber Meme Omogbai
Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Fern Brian & Julia Morrison Palmer
Kathy Kelsey Foley Diana Pardue
Ann Fortescue Jeffrey Patchen
Judith M. Gibbs Susan S. Perry
Hollis J Gillespie Bonnie Pitman
Eileen G. Goldspiel Maria Quinlan Leiby
Claudio Gomez Mimi Quintanilla
Alan and Patricia Grazzini Randy Ray
Beverly Grossman Kym Rice
James Hackney Patricia Rodewald
Jill Hartz Ed & Sandy Schneider
Phyllis Hecht Marsha L. Semmel
Marilyn F. Hoffman Graig D. Shaak
Nik Honeysett Lauren Shadford
Adrienne Horn Ruth Shelly
Patty Isacson Sabee Suzette A. Sherman
Sarah Jesse Scott Smith and Michele Nichols
Gary T. Johnson Beth Smith
Trevor Jones Carol B. Stapp, PhD
Amy Killpatrick Fox Auntaneshia Staveloz
Eliza Kozolowski Stephanie Stebich
Patricia Krider Bonnie Styles
Eugene Kuo Peter Tirrell
Brooke Leonard Carlos Tortolero

Donors as of July 15, 2016