Meet our Bell Education Fellow:

Sage photo

Sage Xaxua Morgan-Hubbard is a multidisciplinary museum educator and artist. She was the Youth Programs Coordinator at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian and the Academic Partnership Coordinator at Columbia College Chicago. She served as the Outreach Director of Young Chicago Authors, and as a teaching artist throughout the DC and Chicagoland area instructing kindergarten through college-level students as well as in the juvenile system in Cook County Jail. She earned her MA and PhD course work in Performance Studies at Northwestern University and her BA in “Performance Studies: Socially Conscious Art of the Everyday” and Ethnic Studies from Brown University. She is a founder of WORD! Spoken Word Artists and Activists in Providence, RI, and was one of the original members of Spoken Resistance, DC Writers Corps and Sol y Soul. Sage believes in praxis, peace, and the arts as tools for social change and transformation.

Here at the Center for the Future of Museums (CFM), we believe that museums can change the world, and that museums can make learning in the US more equitable, enriching and effective.

We live in a fractured landscape in which education is unequally distributed. Many children languish in schools that have dropped “amenities” such as arts education, physical activities and enriched resources to focus on the test. The education gap is widening as enriched resources such as one-on-one mentoring, arts education and project-based learning are accessible to only a small fraction of our youth.

CFM envisions a brighter educational future—a vibrant landscape of learning in which every child has a personal learning plan that draws on resources throughout the community and on the web. Museums are an important part of that landscape, offering the kind of self-directed, passion-based, immersive, project-based learning that is so critical for 21st century education.

CFM’s Ford W. Bell Fellow for Museums & P-12 Education is helping to build the next era of learning—one in which museums play a starring role—by spending two years working with museums, educators, schools, futurists and learners to:

  1. Spread the Word (compiling and sharing information needed to guide planning and decision making by museums, educators and learners)
  2. Disrupt Conventional Dialogue (promoting ideas that disrupt conventional thinking about education and expanding our conception of the educational landscape)
  3. Create Systemic Change (instigating innovative experiments that could increase the role museums play in education