Diary Entry Carrington Wilson


Diary Entry of Carrington Wilson, 7th Grader in 2040

Written By – Jada Wright-Greene

September 5, 2040

Dear Diary,

I am so excited about my first day of school. Today we learned about the brand new way we will learn
History, Science and Art. Unfortunately we will have to go to class for Math, English and Literature but
this new way of learning in a museum is going to be amazing. So, for History, Science and Art, our 7th
grade class will visit museums in order to learn about these subjects. This year we will learn new and
exciting things. In homeroom we learned about some of the things we will study. Mr. Roberts our history
teacher told us he will focus on three major history lessons this year: The Civil Rights Movement,
Medieval Times and U.S. History. For the Civil Rights Movement we will visit the National Museum of
African American History and Culture. Not only will we learn in this museum but we will have lectures
from the grandchildren of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Julian Bond. Another part of the
learning will be in the archives of the museum. We will go to the archives where no one ever goes and
look at Dr. King’s letters, dresses from Rosa Parks and the actual bus that Rosa Parks was on when she
refused to give up her seat.

Our Science teacher Ms. Clinton, will take us to the Marian Koshland Museum in order to work in their
science lab where we will learn about earth, water, life of plants and animals and so much more. What is
really crazy is that we will stay at least a week inside the museum in order to do experiments at night. It’s
almost like a camp during school. My mom is not happy that we have to be gone, but they will allow her
to go. All of us have to have our parents go. When she found out we were going to a museum, she got
very happy. You see she wanted to be a scientist. Actually a marine biologist. So, I think she hopes to
work with some sea life. I hope she does not embarrass me.

The new Art teacher, Mr. Hall is taking us to the National Gallery of Art, The National Portrait Gallery at
and the Hirshhorn Museum. I have been to the National Gallery of Art with my dad but not the other
museums. My dad is a collector of art and would like for me to collect art as well. I am not really
interested in his art, but more contemporary art. That is why I can’t wait to get to the Hirshhorn Museum.The museum has modern and contemporary art where we will go to the collections and look at things that have never ever been on display. Not only that we will learn how to preserve and conserve some art, we will create our own art and meet the new popular contemporary artist, Smith Shoes. His work is so neat!

When I think about this new way of learning, they actually call it exploratory learning in museums, I am just overjoyed. No more are the days that we read textbooks about science. From this day forward all of our learning for science, history and art will all be in museums. That is right! No more papers, boring articles and all those stupid test. Everything is hands-on and we are not graded! It’s all about exploring.

My mom made sure she told me how lucky I was. She kept going on and on about how she never ever
went to museums as a kid. Apparently my grandmother didn’t think museums were for her. She
experienced a lot of racism in her life with growing up in the South. She used to say those places were not for her or her kids, so she never took my mom and her sister. But my mom loved science and always
wanted to go to museums and as soon as she went to college in New York, she visited every museum in
the state. She was a little overboard, but she loved them. Well when I think about, I guess I am lucky.
Now everyone regardless of color, race or gender visits museums and feel welcome.

Well, I am going to sleep, tomorrow we are going to take pictures for our school I.D.’s for the museum
visits. I can’t wait to tell you more as we go to the museums.



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